CorePrime Exterior Acrylic Base Coat


Product Description

COREPRIME EXTERIOR ACRYLIC BASE COAT is an excellent water soluble primer for coating over masonry exterior walls, concrete surfaces, asbestos sheets, and cement plastered exterior brick walls before any paint application to create a good adhesive surface. A good primer servers as a backbone of the paint for retaining it on the walls for a long time. COREPRIME EXTERIOR ACRYLIC BASE COAT is made using Acrylic Emulsion and very fine extenders and additives to get a smooth uniform surface and has a property of deep penetration and sealing of porous surfaces. It is available in 1 It. , 4 It., 10 It. & 20 It.

Performance Features & Benefits

  • Excellent opacity
  • Whiteness and adhesion to top coat emulsion.
  • Does not chalk and does not require any water curing

  • Packs available 1 L, 4 L, 10 L, 20 L
  • Surfaces Exterior cement plasters, exterior ceilings, asbestos sheets, concrete etc. as an undercoat.
  • Washability MEDIUM
  • Recommended Uses Area Interior / Exterior
  • Post Application Instructions Apply Exterior Emulsion paint on primer
  • Finish MATT
  • Method of application NA
  • Shades available
  • Other Product Related Features Good opacity and whiteness
  • Precautions In coastal area do not leave primer without application of top coat, do not over thin, and shake well and strain before use

Application Details & Surface Preparation

Technical Data
Appearance Smooth, Liquid, White
Coverage 1 Coat - 8 - 10 Sqm / L*
Contrast ratio 95.8
Drying Time 4-5 Hrs
Flash Point NA
Practical Spreading Rate -
Pot life 24 hrs
Recommended DFT -
Sheen Level 2.0 at 60 degree
Stability of thinned paint 24 Hrs
Solids 52%
Specific gravity 1.4
Shelf life 24 months
Viscosity @25° C by Stormer Viscometer 2345cp