Eurocare Damp Resistant


Product Description

Eurocare Damp Guard is a fiber reinforced elastomeric liquid applied water proofing membrance. It is formulated with slelct elastomeric and resilient acrylic polymers and reinforcing polyster fibers. Upon curing, it forms a thick, semless, durable membrance thus offering ultimate waterproofing.

Performance Features & Benefits

  • Waterproofing Protection of up to 7 bars hydrostatic pressure.
  • Unmatched crack bridging ability due to elastomeric properties.
  • Rainforced with glass fibers for superior abrasion resistance.
  • Strong adhesion to masonry substrates
  • High Sheen, Brilliant white colour, and thick coat results in high levels of heat reflectance.
  • Single pack, easy to apply and simple re-coating.
  • Terraces and vertical surfaces.

  • Packs available 1 L, 4 L, 10 L, 20 L
  • Surfaces Plastered Walls
  • Washability HIGH
  • Recommended Uses Area Interior / Exterior
  • Post Application Instructions NA
  • Finish MEDIUM
  • Method of application NA
  • Shades available
  • Other Product Related Features NA
  • Precautions NA

Application Details & Surface Preparation

Technical Data
Appearance Viscous Liquid
Alkali Resistance 8
Adhesion to dry concrete 5.47
Anti carbonation, R Value (@ 207 DFT) 275
Colour White
Elongation 220
Solids 54.6-60.4
Specific gravity 1.25
Tensile Strength 2.82
Viscosity Sormer 122-134 KU
Water Resistance 10
Water Vapour Permeance 4.41