Smart Interior Emulsion


Product Description

Smart Interior Emulsion is a specially developed economical product with a smooth finish and better whiteness, opacity and coverage as compared to normal distemper. It is formulated by using ideal combination of pigments and extenders, dispersed in a copolymer emulsion for smooth and pleasant matt finish.

Performance Features & Benefits

  • Economical Emulsion

  • Packs available 1 L, 4 L, 10 L, 20 L
  • Surfaces Concrete & Walls
  • Washability MEDIUM
  • Recommended Uses Area Interior
  • Post Application Instructions NA
  • Finish MATT
  • Method of application NA
  • Shades available
  • Other Product Related Features NA
  • Precautions 1. Wall should be free from moistute
    2. If any wall is under seapage, treat it with proper waterproofing
    3. Do not apply on any lime washed surfaces

Application Details & Surface Preparation

Technical Data
Appearance Smooth, Liquid, White
Coverage 1 Coat: 10 - 12 sqm/L*
2nd Coat: 8 - 10 sqm/L*
Contrast ratio 93.55
Drying Time 4-5 Hrs
Flash Point NA
Pot life 24 hrs
Recommended DFT NA
Sheen Level 2.4 at 60 degree
Stability of thinned paint 24 Hrs
Solids 50%
Specific gravity 1.38
Shelf life 24 months
Viscosity @25° C by Stormer Viscometer 2900 CP