Europlus Wall Putty


Product Description

WHITE CEMENT BASED COARSE PUTTY is the base coat putty for your newly plastered surfaces. It is the best option to give smooth finish of your newly plastered surfaces. WHITE CEMENT BASED COARSE PUTTY is made from world class white cement and other important additives and chemicals, which improves it s adhesion, open time, good workability, brightness and smooth finish. It is available in 20 kg &40 kg packing.

Performance Features & Benefits

  • Damp Resistance : Cured surface shows excellent water repallance properties.
  • Anti Efflorescence : Enhanced anti effloresecne property that protects the substrate for longer.

  • Packs available 20 kg , 40 kg
  • Surfaces New and Old Cement plasters, Asbestos sheets, Concrete, Brickwork.
  • Washability NA
  • Recommended Uses Area Interior / Exterior
  • Post Application Instructions It is not recommended to sand / rub Cement Putty strongly with rough emery paper.
    This tends to break the polymer layer, which decreases water repellancy properties.
  • Finish MATT
  • Method of application NA
  • Shades available
  • Other Product Related Features NA
  • Precautions 1. For fresh wall allow 28 days for curing before application.
    2. Dry and absorbent surfaces should be moistened with sufficient quantity of water.
    3. It is recommended to use mechanical stirrer for uniform mixing. Always prepare required quantity and use within 2-3 hours.
    4. It is not essential to sand/rub the surface, however in order to remove unevenness gently level the surface with abrasive paper greater than grit no. 500.
    5. Any seepage or efflorescence on the wall, should be treated before application of waterproof polymer putty.

Application Details & Surface Preparation

Technical Data
Appearance NA
Coverage 1.2-1.5 Sqm/kg in two coats
Contrast ratio NA
Drying Time 6-8 Hrs
Flash Point NA
Pot life NA
Recommended DFT NA
Sheen Level NA
Stability of thinned paint NA
Solids NA
Specific gravity NA
Shelf life 12 Months
Viscosity @25° C by Stormer Viscometer NA
Water Absorption 0.5 ml.(6 hours) @30°C